Conquer Your Laundry and Ironing With Batch Processing

Time is the most precious commodity we have. It seems like there is so little time to go around and there is always more that needs to be done. One of the biggest time sucks in life is laundry.

Washing clothes, drying clothes, folding clothes, hanging up clothes, and on and on it goes.

When you add ironing into the picture, it eats up more of your time than you probably want to spend, even with the efficiency of a steam generator iron. There are a number of ways to streamline the process, but one of the best is to batch process your laundry and ironing.

What is batch processing?

save time with laundry

This term comes from the industrial world. It basically means to divide up a job into a number of groups of tasks. So rather than doing everything at once, you would do one task at a time.

Rather than thinking of laundry and ironing as one huge, daunting task, you would think of each of the following as separate tasks:

  • sorting
  • washing
  • drying
  • sorting for ironing
  • ironing
  • folding
  • hanging
  • putting away

The magic of batch processing is that you can do just one task at a time and fit each task in when you have the time.

Often, we put off laundry and ironing until there is a huge amount to do. Doing a bit at a time more often maximizes your time efficiency.

How batch processing helps ironing speed

batch process to iron faster

You would be surprised how much time it can save you to sort your clothing by fabric type and clothing type when ironing.

When you do the same thing again and again, your speed naturally increases compared to how long it takes to do one task, then a different task, then yet another task.

Taking the time to sort your entire ironing pile before you begin, first by fabric type and then by clothing type, might seem like a waste of time. Yet in the end, this will end up shaving minutes off your total time.

When you use the batch processing model, you also don’t have to do it all at once. It might take five minutes to sort all of your clothing.

You can probably find a little five-minute window of time. Then, later you can use another chunk of time to actually do the ironing.

Do I really need to sort my ironing pile?

batch process ironing

It’s not absolutely necessary, but it can save a lot of time. A major reason is that different types of fabrics use different temperatures. You will often have to change the temperature and then wait for the iron to heat up or cool down before you can use it.

If you’re continually adjusting the temperature, this is going to end up wasting quite a bit of time. By ironing all of the different fabric types in order of temperature, you’ll save time.

An exception to the rule:

With some steam generator irons, the need to sort your clothing by fabric type before ironing is not necessary. Many Philips steam generator irons (like the Philips PerfectCare Elite) use something called OptimalTEMP technology.


This is a “smart” iron that automatically adjusts for different fabric types without requiring you to change the temperature setting yourself.

Even if you don’t have to sort by fabric type, though, you still may want to sort by clothing type.

Iron all your shirts, then all your trousers, then all your dresses, and so on and the power of batch processing could help you save 10-15 minutes, if not more.

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