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Best Steam Generator Ironing Board UK 2022

There’s no getting around it, you will need a steam generator ironing board like the one listed below if you own, or plan to own a steam generator iron.

These irons are great, but the only downside is that the excessive weight of the base makes a standard ironing board completely unsafe.

Let’s face it, you could own the best steam generator iron on the market, but if your ironing board is mediocre, your results will be mediocre.

Remember, when it comes to finding the best steam generator ironing board, size really does matter.

Best Steam Generator Ironing Board

#1: Brabantia Ice Water Ironing Board

Brabantia Ice Water Ironing Board
2,076 Reviews
Brabantia Ice Water Ironing Board
This Brabantia steam generator ironing board offers more than enough space to accommodate most steam generator irons on the market. Key features include a non-slip design, the ability to support up to 7KG and a one-touch mechanism to adjust its height in seconds.

This Brabantia steam generator ironing board was launched in 2013 and it’s still going strong in 2022. It has an impressive ironing surface that measures up to 49cm in width, providing a spacious working area for pressing large items quickly and efficiently.

The curved iron rest is sturdily constructed from coated steel and is embossed with three small ridges and a raised edge to help prevent the heavy steam generator base from accidentally slipping off.

The cover is made from a durable, foam-padded canvas and has an elasticated edging, making it quick and easy to fit. It provides a firm, cushioned ironing surface and is available in a total of nine colourful designs.

A strong, folding frame has two pairs of gently tapering legs. Each pair has a connecting bar for increased strength and stability. Strong rubber caps with ridges are fitted to the ends of the legs to prevent the table from slipping when placed on polished floors. Safety locks secure the legs to prevent the ironing board from accidentally collapsing and to ensure it remains securely folded when being moved.

There are seven adjustable settings ranging from 75 to 98cm, providing versatility and convenience for users of any height. The maximum measurement of the ironing board when fully extended is 149 x 49 x 99 cm and when folded, it is 159 x 49 x 8 cm. The weight of the ironing board is 7.26 kg, providing reliable support for heavy steam generators.


  • Large 124 x 49 cm work surface
  • Seven adjustable heights
  • A sturdy frame provides stability
  • Non-slip design
  • Safety lock


  • Iron rest relatively smooth and flat

#2: Laurastar Plus Ironing Board

This large ironing board from Laurastar features a surface area of 125 x 42cm. It also has a large area designed specifically to hold your steam generator iron base without getting in the way of the ironing surface area.

The board has a simple and minimal design and a high-quality and durable cover that will hold up to regular use.

A safe closure system keeps the iron locked into place when in use and prevents any pinching when closing it up for storage. It has an adjustable height, up to a maximum height of 94cm.

This Laurastar ironing board has a pair of integrated wheels that make it easy to move around without having to lift it. The 100% polyester inner foam on the board gives you that ideal combination of firmness and cushion that you want on an ironing board.

#3: Minky Ultima Plus Ironing Board

This board has a surface area of 122 x 43 cm and adjustable height up to a maximum of 96 cm.

Unlike some other height-adjustable steam generator ironing boards, this one can be adjusted to a nearly infinite number of positions rather than having to choose between a handful of fixed heights.

There is an iron rest on the end, perfect for holding the steam generator iron base unit. Steam generator irons already offer maximum crease removal power but this board can make it even better with its steam-efficient foam-backed cover and steam-flow mesh system.

A fun pattern on the cover of this ironing board might be a strong selling point to some while the 3-year guarantee is the most attractive feature to others.

Either way, this is a durable ironing board with a design and size ideal for use with steam generator irons.

Steam Generator Ironing Board – Buying Guide

Steam Generator Ironing Board

There are several important factors to consider when buying a steam generator ironing board to ensure it’s safe, comfortable to work with and easy to manoeuvre. These include:

Ironing board surface

A steam generator iron generally produces far more effective results than a regular iron, enabling you to work through a large pile of linen in no time.

To maximise its effects, using an ironing board with a large surface area provides good coverage and helps you to quickly manoeuvre and press bulky items such as quilt covers and curtains.

Surface sizes

Surface area sizes are graded into five different categories from A to E. At 110 x 30 cm, A is the smallest, the next size is B at 124 x 38 cm and C is 124 x 45 cm. D measures 135 x 45 cm while the maximum size is E, measuring a generous 135 x 49 cm. For use with a steam generator iron, you’ll need to consider an ironing board that is at least a C rating.

Size of your iron

ironing board for steam generator

A good ironing board for a steam generator iron will feature a special rest to hold the iron’s base. Make sure this rest is big enough for your iron, especially if you have one of the larger models of iron.

Adjustable height

An ironing board with a versatile height adjustment is essential if you want to be comfortable. The best recommendation is that the board’s surface should be level with your hip.

If it falls below, you may have to crouch, resulting in backache and if the board is set too high, your arm will begin to feel numb through having to hold the iron at an awkward angle.

Choosing a board with a wide range of settings up to approximately 100 cm should accommodate people of varying heights.

Build quality

Beware of flimsy boards! Metal and steel outlines often provide the best strength and stability for ironing boards. You’ll also want to look for a board constructed using premium-grade materials.


With some steam generator irons weighing as much as 5 kg, it’s vital that the ironing board is reliably stable. Many people dislike the weight of ironing boards, but the heavier they are, the more sturdy they will be.

Aim to purchase a board with a weight of approximately seven kilograms, which should generally be able to support a steam generator base and iron.

Safety locks

Folding frames are notorious for collapsing unexpectedly, particularly as they age. However, a metal safety lock adds secure fastening to the frame to help prevent it from collapsing.

Locks can usually still be operated when the frame is folded down, enabling the board to be held securely while being stored.

Non-slip feet

Whether the legs of your ironing board are individually tapered or looped into one unit, they should have secure non-slip caps or feet.

These should help to prevent the board from sliding when placed on a hard floor surface. Check that the feet are firmly secured and unlikely to work loose over time.

Ironing board cover

A durable cover that fits securely can help to complement the swift efficiency of a steam generator iron.

Some covers have an elasticated edging that can eventually lose its strength, while others use a drawstring mechanism that you can pull tight. Ensuring that it’s large enough to fit over the edges of the board should help secure it.

Your height

When looking for ironing boards for steam generator irons, you should make sure the board is of an appropriate height or that it has an adjustable height option. The most ergonomically sound ironing position will see your arm bent at a 90-degree angle.

The height of the ironing board should facilitate this. You can do this by measuring the height of your elbow at this 90-degree position. Then, subtract 10 cm from that.

This will be the ideal height for your ironing board. It can be particularly challenging for tall people to find ironing boards that are tall enough.


Choosing the best cover is almost an art in itself. If the padding is too generous, it can make the surface of the board appear uneven and hinder the progress of the iron.

When the padding is too tight, it can cause the metal mesh surface of the board to become imprinted on your clothes. Some covers have a silicone coating to prevent the iron from sticking or scorching your clothes.


The great thing about steam generator irons is that they make the chore of ironing a little more enjoyable just by speeding up the process.

Choosing an ironing board with a design that makes you happy is another way to add a little bit of joy to the otherwise potentially boring and unenjoyable task of ironing. If you like the design of your ironing board, it might make you enjoy the chore of ironing just a little bit more.

Add-ons and extras

Always check to see what additional add-ons and features are available by the manufacturer of the board you are considering.

Being able to purchase some add-on features will allow you to enhance and optimize your ironing experience with products that will work properly with your iron and board. Of course, this does increase the cost.


Reading the fine print before purchasing your new steam generator ironing board is crucial! Many popular manufacturers offer warranties for parts or full boards.

Be sure to become familiar with the warranties offered by the boards you’re considering as you compare value. A strong warranty can be a sign of a manufacturer’s confidence in a product.

Brabantia Ice Water Ironing Board
2,076 Reviews
Brabantia Ice Water Ironing Board
This Brabantia steam generator ironing board offers more than enough space to accommodate most steam generator irons on the market. Key features include a non-slip design, the ability to support up to 7KG and a one-touch mechanism to adjust its height in seconds.

Steam Generator Ironing Board FAQ

Can I use a regular ironing board with a steam generator iron?

Can I use a regular ironing board with a steam generator iron?

You can, but for safety purposes, you should always use a board designed to accommodate the extra weight you get from a steam generator. These are quite bulky when compared to a usual steam iron, so naturally, they are a lot heavier.

How much does a steam generator ironing board cost?

How much does a steam generator ironing board cost?

A high-quality steam generator ironing board can cost anywhere between £80-£150 depending on the model you choose.

What size ironing board do I need for a steam generator iron?

What size ironing board do I need for a steam generator iron?

We always recommend an ironing board that’s at least a size C (124 x 45 cm).

Why do ironing boards have a mesh surface?

Why do ironing boards have a mesh surface?

The original ironing boards were solid and you can still occasionally find this type. However, a metal mesh helps to disperse excess heat and steam more effectively.

Can I sit down while ironing?

Can I sit down while ironing?

If you choose an ironing board with a wide range of positions, you should be able to position it at a height of around seventy to seventy-five centimetres which is comparable to most tables.

Is it best to choose an ironing board with a pointed or rounded end?

Is it best to choose an ironing board with a pointed or rounded end?

A shape that is more pointed usually fits more easily inside sleeves, trouser legs and awkward shoulder seams.


A top quality steam generator ironing board should incorporate several useful features including a generous surface area with a size rating of C, D or E. It should be on the heavier side to ensure stability, but not be too heavy for you to manoeuvre.

A generous range of adjustable heights should make the board more comfortable to use and it’s preferable to find an iron rest that holds your steam generator base securely. Other essentials include safety locks, non-slip feet and a secure cover.

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