Use Aluminium Foil Ironing

How to Use Aluminium Foil When Ironing

Steam generator irons are known for cutting ironing times in half, but it still takes a good chunk of time to get through a pile of ironing.

There are a number of simple things to do that will speed up your ironing time. Perhaps surprisingly, one of the most effective ways to speed up the ironing process is to use aluminium foil.

How to Use Aluminium Foil When Ironing

“Remove the cover of your ironing board. Unroll a nice long piece of tinfoil and lay it flat on the board, with the shiny side of the foil facing up. Put the ironing board cover back on and iron away.”

Why Does Aluminum Foil Speed Up Your Ironing?

Aluminium foil is a reflective surface. This means that as you apply heat, the heat is reflected back. The fabric is in the middle with heat coming at it from both sides. When you iron the top of a garment, the foil effectively acts as a second iron and takes care of the other side of the garment.

Because you won’t have to flip each garment over to iron both sides, your ironing time will be much shorter. Using aluminium foil with a normal steam iron might not work as well as if you were using a steam generator iron, but it comes pretty close.

How Tinfoil Can Help You Iron Delicate Fabrics

The aluminium foil trick helps speed up ironing in general, but it can also be used to help you remove wrinkles from delicate fabrics. For this trick, it will work with the tinfoil beneath the ironing board cover but it may work even better if it is on top of the ironing board itself.

Lay the delicate fabric directly on top of the foil. Without touching the iron to the fabric, release some steam from a few inches away. As the wet heat radiates up from the foil, wrinkles will melt away from the fabric.

Aluminium Foil Ironing

Most steam generator irons can handle ironing delicates, but generally, direct heat is a little risky. This trick is a fast way to remove wrinkles from silk and other delicate fabrics without the risk of damage. Indirect heat from the combination of the steam and the reflective foil gets the job done quickly and safely.

Tips For Ironing With Aluminium Foil

  • There is no need to remove the foil from your board. You can continue using the same piece of foil for a long time. It won’t lose its reflecting power.
  • If the foil gets crumpled or wrinkled, it may end up adding some new wrinkles to your fabrics. Replace your foil if it isn’t nice and smooth.
  • Heavy-duty foil will probably work the best.

You’ll get the most out of the tinfoil trick if you’re also using other smart ironing practices. This includes things like sorting your fabric by clothing type and keeping your iron clean.

You’ll Never Look Back!

Once you experience the power of a steam generator iron, you’ll wish you’d used one your whole life. It just makes ironing faster and easier. Similarly, once you try the tinfoil trick, you won’t even remember ever ironing another way. It’s a simple trick, using simple science, but it works.

If you hate ironing, the reflective power of foil will shave quite a bit of time off of the dreaded chore. The combination of a steam generator iron and foil on the ironing board can really make the time fly when you’re ironing.

Have you ever tried the tinfoil trick? What did you think? We’d love to know! Please share in the comments.

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